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What toilet paper do you use in a caravan?

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

With 3 young children a toilet in the van was non-negotiable; a million walks to caravan park toilets at all times of the day and night wasn't going to happen if we were going to live in a van full-time.

Number 1. We can safely pull into a rest stop without stepping foot in a roadside toilet.

Number 2's. Poop is a crap palindrome.

We digress.

We still use caravan park toilets whenever possible but our 3yo twins use the caravan toilet most of the time. As we all know, small people don't have much warning between needing to go and going!

Our toilet onboard is easy to maintain. It's a Thetford cassette toilet C260 series. Dump points are located at caravan parks and public places if you're free camping. Easy to find, on the WikiCamps app you can view available dump points when you search for a place.

This is what we use, one goes in with a little water after each clean

The downside of having a toilet onboard is that you do have to empty it regularly. We find that, well let's be honest, Jason find that he is emptying the casette every 2-3 days.

Our kids fight over who is walking which dog...


People who tell you that you have to use RV toilet paper are full of crap.

The way our kids go through toilet paper, we weren't keen on spending a fortune on RV toilet paper if we didn't need to. A quick google search will show just how expensive it is.

RV-friendly toilet paper is supposed to break down quickly to avoid clogging up your tank and sewage system. We figured 2-ply recycled paper from the supermarket would do the same thing, so we're using 2ply 100% Recycled Naturale paper from the supermarket.

Notice the paper is hung properly, over not under

It's cheap and works just fine, no blockages and once we got over not using plush 3 ply Quilton paper it was all roses.

We're no experts, but we take our shit seriously.

Jason walking our other dog

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