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Technology and Apps when Caravanning and Camping

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Let’s be honest, we are a tech family. We don’t always understand it, but we do our best to stay up to date with the ever-evolving tech world our kids are growing up in.

How we connect to the Internet?

In the caravan we have a Sphere Wi-Fi. To connect, it’s as simple as visiting your preferred Internet service provider and buying a sim card with data. We use Telstra and have a great no lock-in contract and can adjust our data usage as we need. There are no charges for going over, the connection just slows down. We use the Telstra App that shows instantly where we are at with data usage for the month across all our devices and can top up if required.

Spider in the cupboard or Sphere WiFi unit

What devises do we have?

We are a Apple family, we both have iPhones loaded with data, our kids have iPad tablets. I also have a MacBook.

We like Apple as everything syncs, we use the iCloud so all our photos and important documents backup automatically and are available on the phone and laptop.

Our favourite Apps:

Google Home mini - answers all those tricky questions from our 7yo which we have no idea about like “what’s the biggest cucumber in the world“?.

Facetime - handy to keep up with family and friends.

WiKi Camps - $8 to download. We use it to plan and track our trip. You can search for caravan parks, free camps, dump points, water and points of interest along the way. It contains honest reviews and photos which helps the decision on where to stay.

Aircamp– Free App, you can search for caravan parks, read reviews and make booking directly within the App.

Fuel Map– We use it to see where the closest fuel stations are and the prices, however you can also use it to track your fuel usage in very detailed means.

First Aid - St John's Ambulance First Aid App, gives simple easy to follow directions across a range of medical emergency situations.

Trip Advisor - Use for touring and sight seeing and to read about the top things to do in a town. I also like to contribute to reviews if I have something worthwhile to say.

GasFinder - Free app to find your closest gas refill and price.

Spending Tracker – Free app to categorise and track our expenses.

Carefree Connection– Our particular Jayco model has an App which you use to connect to your van awning, controls lights and awning adjustments.

Playground Finder– Our kids love a playground and this helps you find one wherever you are.

Madpaws - Helps you find pet sitters in your local area around Australia.

NRMA – We are members and check benefits for discounts on touring etc.

MyMacca’s – Gotta love a $2 McMuffin or $1 large fries or whatever surprise McDonalds has when you log on that day.

Stocard– stores all your rewards cards so you don’t need to carry with you.

Weather - no explanation necessary.

Spotify / Apple Books – Music and Books are essential and you can download to play / read when out of range.

Antenna Mate - $5 to download, helps you to know which way to face your antenna to get the best TV reception.

Google Maps– You can download maps for offline use if you are travelling remote.


In the car we have a Garmen GPS, we went with this as Jeeps last map update was 2016, and with Garmen you put in the spec’s of your 4WD and van and although they won’t guarantee, it helps keeping you clear of overhead hazards. We don’t want to get stuck under a bridge!

For the kids

Uniden UHF Radios - We got these mainly for our son when he wants to ride his bike out of our sight, we can radio him and check where he is at all times. They also come in handy when reversing the caravan, however since having them there is no improvement in my reversing directions.

So many! Our favourites are ABC Kids and You Tube Kids.

Will do a separate blog about the apps our kids use for home-schooling and entertainment.

We would love to hear about what’s working well for you, please add into the comments below.

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