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Escaping The Daily Grind 🌪

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

I enjoy people watching and time to think during my #dailycommute I don’t enjoy leaving home before my wife and kids open their eyes or rushing through the door 12 hours later, exhausted and walking straight into witching hour, when I have neither the energy nor the patience to deal with it. The weekend arrives and more often then not I’m taking work calls.

Of course it's relative, the more you work, the more you earn, the more you spend. Moving numerous times in the space of a few years has seen me tick off many career goals. Some might say I’ve made it. But what does that mean? Yes, I’ve made it to the top of my field into a high paying role, but at what cost, what sacrifices have my family and I made to get here and is it really worth it.

I don’t want to hit 60 and look back and realise I’ve missed out on life, giving all of my best years to work.

This is why I’ve decided to take a break from #thedailygrind to enjoy life, travel and truely connect with my family.

After making the big announcement to family and friends that we're packing up and travelling for a year, we've received mixed feedback. Amazing support from many and often where we least expected it, others feel we're a little mad to stop working, home-school our 7yo and become nomads.

The lesson we took is that you can't let other peoples opinions and thoughts affect or stop you from living life the way you want. Once we made the decision, we discovered a whole community of like-minded people exist, who are living their best life, their way.

In June 2019, we packed up our home and set off on a lap of Australia in our Jayco Journey Outback, on an adventure making lasting memories. What started as a little passion project, is gaining more and more traction each day. We hope you enjoy reading our family travel blog. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you as well. 

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