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25 Caravan Hacks and Modifications; making life easier on the road

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

Just because your caravanning doesn't mean you need to go without, especially when you're making the van your family home on wheels for any length of time. Here's what we have learnt and implemented so far.

Adhesive Hooks

These are essential for hanging anything and everything. We use them for hanging kids helmets above the picnic shelf, small kids towels, dog lead.

Hung bike helmets above our picnic table on outside of van

Metal hooks

After trial and error using plastic adhesive hooks to hang keys and handbags, we pulled the big guns out and screwed in some metal hooks, purchased from the local hardware store.

Tip 1: Don't hang your rubbish bag and keys on same hook or you could be going bin diving.

Tip 2: Put one of your caravan door keys on a lanyard. Very easy to take with you when you need to head out.

Map of Australia Decal

We added a detailed map to the side of the van to help the kids visualise our travels and to help understand distance. You can get these printed out cheaply at Office Works, if you provide them a map.

Tip: Great for homeschooling.

Map is a big talking point when we meet fellow travellers

Shower Caddy

No brainer, you need somewhere to put your shampoo and shower stuff.

Suction shower caddy

Coffee Machine

If real coffee is how you start your day at home, then bring your heart-starter with you! Ours is multi-purpose as it also serves as a kettle, defibrillator and councillor. It's used everyday and it saves us a small fortune and our sanity.

Wouldn't leave home without our Jura

Menu planner

Our Prepp'd Kids menu planner helps us to plan and eat what we have without dinner stress and to stick to a weekly budget. We've had it for a couple of years now and it still looks brand new. The generous team at Prepp'd Kids have offered you a 10% discount on Magnetic Chalkboard Planners. To receive this discount, use code C2C upon checkout. Click HERE to view their huge range online.

Annex matting

Get a big one the entire length of your van. Not all sites will be lovely and grassy and a mat will save your van from excess dirt and sand and makes it more homely.

Annex mat, we went a cheap e-bay option and we're not disappointed

Water filter tap

Water varies greatly from town to town, having a water filter helps maintain water quality.

Kids bedroom partition

We upgraded from a curtain adding a partition between the kitchen / dining and the bunks / bathroom. Great for when the kids go to bed and you want a little privacy ;)

Partition to block out the kids!

Suction Hooks

We use in the annex to hang towels and then remove when travelling.

Cordless Vacuum

Enough said.

Dyson and Diffuser, what a pair!

Ezy-Anchor Pegs

Quick and easy tent pegs that make setup and take down of the annex much quicker and easier.

Quick and easy set-up, leaving you more time with the kids

12V Fans

We have Sirocco as they are the best and highly rated by fellow caravaners. We have installed one at each of the foot of the bunks and another at the main bed.

USB Plugs

Each bunk has two USB plugs, a 12V socket and a 240V plug. The main bed has USB plugs and 240V.

Tablets in Bunks

Each bunk has a tablet connected to WiFi.

Bunk tablets and USB / 12V socket and 240V power

WiFi Router

Our van has a sphere router.

Wi-Fi - all you need is a SIM card and off you go!

Robotic Wet n Dry Mop

We had one so we brought it along, why not? Takes up less room than a traditional mop. We clear the floor, fill with Koh and press start when we leave the van for the day exploring and come home to a clean van.

Ted is always supervising the mop

19mm Socket with extension

Saves so much time compared with the wind-down / up, kids fight over who's helping.

External Shower and light above

Handy for beach days and washing the dog.

Velcro tape

Multi purpose. We have used it to install various gadgets to walls i.e. remote controls, tablets.

Magnetic strip

Even when we're on flat ground, we sometimes find the shower door slides open. Fitting a couple of adhesive magnets does the trick.

Slide out Kitchen

We cook outside whenever possible. No setup required, it quickly slides out and easily stows away plus it stops heating up the van and saving us from that awful residual cooking smell inside.

Start em young!

Essential Caravan survival Pack (WD40, Thread Tape, Cable Ties, Duct Tape)

Be prepared for anything. Don't leave anywhere without them.

Google Home mini

Great for those 6yo questions, you cannot answer. Like; "What's the biggest cucumber in the world" or from our 3yo, "Hey Doodle, play baby shark".

It connects to our Spotify account so we can have our fave playlists on hand.

Hey Google

Waterproof beach bag (doubles as laundry bag)

Holds heaps of dirty washing and can be stored in the shower without worrying if the bottom gets wet. Doubles as a beach bag.

Bonus Hack: Wheel Cover

Not necessary, just a little shameless plug!

Bike rack / Branded Wheel Cover!

Safe travels! If you have a great caravan hack, please share with us by commenting below.

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